Road Blockers

The Ultimation Direct D8400 Automatic Road Blockers are fully hydraulic and gives the customer the best security from vehicle attack. These are one of the best defense systems for your locations if preventing unauthorised entry and protecting valuable assets is what you require. Designed and manufactured by us here in the UK. The D8400 automatic road blockers are a security method that you can rely on.

We have designed our automatic road blocker in width sizes between two meters and five meters. Available heights are 340mm, 500mm and 800mm. The higher the height, the better the protection against attack.

Made using the highest quality BS EN 10025 S355 and S275 steel, these applications are fully welded and have a robust construction that is able to operate even in the harshest of weather conditions. Including ‘Tanked’ sheet steel on the sides allowing the entire applications to automatically lower into foundations that are excavated which are able to be back filled with concrete.

340mm is ideal for protecting locations such as car parks, the 500mm option has been designed to suit heavy duty applications for higher quality protection, and the 800mm is the most heavy duty road blocker that has the capabilities of deny access to any type of road vehicle.

Finished purposely for the highest visibility when vehicles are approaching the customers location. Various access control systems are available in order to lower/raise the automatic road blockers and can be found in our access control category.

During the quote stage we are able to supply the customer with a fully rendered image showing their on site requirements for the blockers and to give a better perspective of what the application will look like on their property.

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D8400 Automatic Road Blocker

Our hydraulic automatic road blocker is designed for high security vehicle access control. They present the most effective way of preventing unauthorised vehicles from accessing secure sites, and protecting valuable assets within a facility.


Available in three sizes




Heavy duty




Security at its best



D8500 Automatic Rising Bollard

The D8500 Automatic Rising Bollards are available in a choice of 500mm or 700mm for high security. Running on a 230v single phase power supply, the D8500 is very popular for its power failure mode.








Easy to install






Various sizes available