D75 Speed Ramp


1 Year Guarantee

All our products come with a standard one year guarantee!


Our D75 speed ramps are made with high quality BS EN 10025 S355 and S275 steel.


Regulation Compliant

Our D75 seed ramps are CE approved and comply with the current safety procedures.


User Friendly

Easily visible one way arrow indication.

Product Overview

The D75 speed ramps effectively enforce speed reduction measures at vehicle access points. Easily visible one way arrow indication.

They are manufactured from recycled PVC, and are durable and maintenance free. Ramps may be used independently or fitted before other safety measures such as road blockers and barriers to provide drivers with advance warning of access control systems.

The D75 speed ramps are available in 3 heights to enforce different speed limits as follows and allows any width of road to be protected:-

30mm high version reduces vehicle speeds to 30 to 20 mph

50mm high model reduces speeds to 20 to 10 mph

Mid-Sections are Height 50mm, Length 500mm & Width 420mm with tapered End Caps.

75mm high units to reduce speed to 10 to 5 mph

Mid-Sections are Height 75mm, Length 500mm & Width 480mm with tapered End Caps.

The units are simply bolted down to a suitable road surface (concrete recommended), and can be arranged to protect roads or entrances of any width. Matching end caps are also available.

Alternate black and yellow sections to enable high visibility to on coming vehicles.

Similar to this product, we have designed and manufactured our D1350 surface mounted tyre killer.


Delivery Time

Depending on stock, this product can be delivered within 5 working days.


A standard of 12 months warranty is included with all of our products.

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