D4125 Premier Half Height Turnstile


1 Year Guarantee

All our products come with a standard one year guarantee!


Regulation Compliant

The D4125 Premier Half Height Turnstile complies to the current safety requirements and is CE approved.

Smooth Operation

Smoothness of operation is ensured by the integral damper.

Product Overview

A stylish modern access control solution for applications where high traffic flow and good aesthetics are required. A range of five individual designs are available to suit any environment.

Manufactured from 304 stainless steel the D4125 comes with an ultra-reliable mechanical head mechanism complete with a hydraulic device to cushion the operation of the rotor, thus ensuring the turnstile has low noise characteristics with maximum longevity.

After each passage the barrier arms are automatically returned to home position.

Smoothness of  operation is ensured by the integral damper. Arm rotation sensors track individual passages through the turnstile to ensure accurate count outputs to access control systems or optionally fitted   counters.

The D4150 tripod turnstile can operate in three different modes:  Access permanently free, in either or both directions; access permanently mechanically locked, in either or both directions; electrically controlled access.

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A standard of 12 months warranty is included with all of our products.

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