D4100 Half Height Turnstile


1 Year Guarantee

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Regulation Compliant

Regulation Compliant

The D4100 is fully compliant to the current safety regulations and is CE approved.


User Friendly

An integral red and green LED indicator panel provides go/no-go user guidance.

Product Overview

This compact and reliable half height turnstile provides an economical solution to pedestrian access controls to industrial and commercial premises. This turnstile is especially suitable for applications where high flow rate, a small footprint and easy installation is required.

Manufactured from 304 stainless steel the D4100 comes with an ultra-reliable mechanical head mechanism complete with a hydraulic device to cushion the operation of the rotor, thus ensuring the turnstile has low noise characteristics with maximum longevity.


The D4100 half height turnstile may be configured as a single or bi-directional turnstile, with a passage rate of up to 30 persons per minute and is equipped with a memory function to allow passage of groups of people. An integral red and green LED indicator panel provides go/no-go user guidance.

In the event of a power failure, or fire alarm activation, the turnstile has a built in drop arm facility to allow free, uninterrupted passage of people. When the power is restored, the arm can simply be reset manually.


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