D3800HD Automatic Barrier


1 Year Guarantee

All our products come with a standard one year guarantee!


Made using BS EN 10025 S355 and S275 steel, we manufacture the D3800 Heavy Duty Automatic Barrrier in house.


Regulation Compliant

Approved CE and complies with all current safety regulations.

Safety Features

Safety features such as photocells and induction loops may be specified, and the barrier is compatible with any access control system.

Product Overview

The D3800 Heavy Duty Barrier is an automatic raise arm barrier is designed to offer long term reliability, efficient smooth operation, and maximum durability.  This makes it ideal for applications where constant vehicle movements are experienced such as ports, airports and HGV parks.

Boom lengths of up to 9m are available, with opening times between 1.6 and 6 seconds depending on length. A slow down feature is incorporated, which minimises wear on the mechanism and greatly reduces operating noise.

The barrier incorporates a 3-phase inverter driven motor and gearbox drive which provides smooth consistent operation with variable speed all from a single phase supply. This is controlled via a Schneider plc which can be programmed to suit any access control requirements and also features adjustable parameters such as timing to allow automatic opening during work hours etc.

Safety features such as photocells and induction loops may be specified, and the barrier is compatible with any access control system.

Available options include upper and lower skirts to maximise the visibility of the barrier and prevent pedestrians passing under the boom, LED boom lights, STOP signs, LED traffic lights, and fixed or folding “pogo” type boom rests.


Delivery Time

All of our products have a delivery time of 3-5 weeks (negotiable).


A standard of 12 months warranty is included with all of our products.


Depending on the product, the Ultimation range is either painted or powder coated using any standard RAL number to meet your nearest requirements. Colour charts are available for comparison.

Plain Pole

Heavy Duty pole with boom lights. Pole span up to 9 metres.


Examples of use

Choosing a heavy duty barrier will ensure that no vehicles are able to drive through, by having a plane pole with boom lights it will give a better visibility to ensure people are aware it is in force. Ideal for locations from golf clubs to airports.

Examples of use

A bottom skirt option on a heavy duty barriers ensures that not only can no vehicle access your site but it will prevent pedestrians getting through underneath the pole. Perfect for car parks, airports, golf clubs and many more locations.

Bottom Skirt

Heavy duty pole with boom lights & bottom skirt. Pole span up to 8 metres.


Heavy duty pole with Hi-bar. Pole span up to 6.5 Metres.

Examples of use

For the ultimate of security the hi bar option will prevent both vehicle and pedestrian access. With a top and bottom skirt it will stop pedestrians accessing underneath and above the pole. Suitable for locations including car storage, airports, golf clubs and many more locations.

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