D3200 Automatic Barrier


1 Year Guarantee

All our products come with a standard one year guarantee!


The D3200 Automatic Barrier has been manufactured by us in the United Kingdom. We use the highest quality BS EN 10025 S355 and S275 steel.


Regulation Compliant

The D3200 Auto Barrier meets all of the current safety regulations and also has been CE approved.

Loop Detection

Loop detection systems can be pre fitted to provide a detection for vehicles for safety systems allowing automatic activation when free exit or entry is a requirement to the customer.

Product Overview

The D3200 Auto barrier is a traditional car park barrier designed for long term reliability. With an efficient and smooth operation by the 3 phase motor and gearbox. Excellent durability with spans of up to 7.0 m. Many optional extras available for the D3200 car park barrier including skirts, boom lights, signs.

Ideal for car park sites with high a high rate of traffic, these barriers are well known for being very reliable. The customer can choose out of a wide range of access control systems including call audio intercoms and key fobs.

A choice of a single loop detector is available which identifies a vehicle by using an inductive buried loop beneath the road, and a dual channel loop detector which allows both safety and free exit systems on the application.

The Ultimation Direct D3200 car park barrier is very economical running with a Toshiba Inverter. Choose from a wide range of colours to match your application.

Delivery Time

All of our products have a delivery time of 3-5 weeks (negotiable).


A standard of 12 months warranty is included with all of our products.


Depending on the product, the Ultimation range is either painted or powder coated using any standard RAL number to meet your nearest requirements. Colour charts are available for comparison.

Plain Pole

Standard pole with boom lights. Pole span up to 7 metres.

Examples of use

This product option is perfect as a method to prevent unwanted vehicles accessing a site with LED boom lighting for a higher visibility. Examples of use include golf clubs, airports, factory car parks and more.

Examples of use

Bottom skirt is a popular choice as an addition to a pole. If you want to prevent pedestrian access underneath the pole boom then this is the product for you. Examples of use include car parks, airports, factories and more.

Bottom Skirt

Standard pole with boom lights & bottom skirt. Pole span up to 6 metres.


Standard pole with Hi-bar. Pole span up to 4.5 Metres.

Examples of use

For a better protection against unwanted access to your site, this option will ensure that not only will no vehicle access be granted but pedestrians will not be able to get under or over the pole. This is highly recommended on sites looking for a higher form of security.

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